Technical Textiles

Technical Textiles

Meeting Challenges in Technical Textile Manufacturing

Manufacturing technical textiles presents a diverse set of challenges, each unique to the intended application. At Follmann, we are dedicated to providing solutions that address these challenges head-on, ensuring exceptional performance in technical textile applications.

FOLCO REACT: The Star of the Show

Our reactive hotmelt adhesive, FOLCO REACT, takes the spotlight as a versatile and robust solution. Formulated to withstand a wide range of stress factors, FOLCO REACT offers supreme moisture resistance and heat resistance. This characteristic is especially valuable in demanding environments like surgical settings, where textiles require frequent sterilization.

Unparalleled Comfort for Durable Fabrics

Customers expect their clothing for outdoor, professional or protective to be comfortable, breathable and water repellent as well. FOLCO REACT adhesives deliver all of that while remaining incredibly flexible for the entire lifetime of the product.
Follmann’s reactive adhesives deliver reliable bonding for medical textiles, including surgical drapes, gowns, and wound dressings, maintaining their integrity even after repeated sterilization processes.

Efficient and Easy Bonding with Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA)

Follmann’s Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA) offer an efficient and user-friendly solution for technical textiles. These adhesives provide strong adhesion properties, allowing for quick and secure attachment of textile materials without the need for additional curing or heating processes. With PSA, technical textile manufacturers can streamline their production processes, ensuring reliable bonding with ease.

Versatile Bonding with Polyurethane Hotmelt Adhesives

Follmann’s Polyurethane Hotmelt adhesives play a crucial role in technical textile applications, ensuring strong and durable bonds between various textile materials, such as fabrics, membranes, and films. The versatility of these adhesives allows for seamless integration of different components, contributing to the overall performance and quality of technical textiles.

Committed to Elevating Your Manufacturing

At Follmann, we are not just adhesive providers; we are partners in your success. Our commitment extends beyond delivering high-performing adhesives. We are dedicated to assisting you with the setup and maintenance of your production processes, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Our team of experts is ready to collaborate with you, providing technical support and expertise to elevate your technical textile manufacturing to new heights.

Unlock the Potential of Technical Textile Manufacturing with Follmann

Experience the power of Follmann’s adhesive solutions in technical textile manufacturing. From the exceptional performance of Folco React and PSA to the versatile bonding of Polyurethane Hotmelts, our adhesives are engineered to meet your specific needs.

Reach out to us today, and let us be your partner in achieving excellence in technical textile applications. Together, we can take your products to the next level.



Viscosity Open time Examples of use + benefits
FOLCO REACT 10421 8.000 mPas at 100°C Gravure Long Broad spectrum of adhesion Functional wear and textiles For temperature-sensitive substrates
FOLCO REACT HP 50501 4.000 mPas at 90°C Gravure Long High wash and sterilisation resistance Good adhesion on inorganic/metal surfaces DualCure
IC 768-38 9000 mPas at 120°C Gravure Long Non-yellowing, light-stable DualCure
IC 1699-16 2200 mPas at 90°C Gravure, Spray, Nozzle long/ UV-Curable Very good adhesion on inorganic/metal surfaces High wash and sterilisation resistance MultiCure  
IC 1699-17 7.500 mPas at 90°C Gravure, Spray, Nozzle long/ UV-Curable Non yellowing, light-stable Very good adhesion inorganic/metal surface High wash and sterilisation resistance MultiCure  


Our Fields Of Applications At A Glance


Adhesives that ensure durability, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. Adhesives play a crucial role in joining various materials together, such as fabrics, foam and wood, creating a cohesive and long-lasting product.


Packaging adhesives play a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and functionality of various packaging materials and products. From the assembly of boxes and cartons to the sealing of labels and tapes.

Wood and furniture

These adhesives are specifically formulated to create strong, durable bonds between wood surfaces, ensuring structural integrity and longevity.

Panels and Insulation

These adhesives serve as the bonding agents that firmly attach panels and insulating materials to various surfaces. The effectiveness of these panels relies heavily on the quality of adhesives.

Technical textiles

Adhesives designed to join various textile surfaces together, replacing traditional sewing methods or enhancing their effectiveness.

Automotive Interior

Whether it's joining plastics, fabrics, leathers, or metals, our adhesives offer excellent adhesion properties that create a seamless and durable bond.


A critical process in various industries, including automotive, manufacturing, and healthcare. These specialized adhesives are designed to secure and seal filter media, frames, and components, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.


Abrasives adhesives are specifically formulated bonding solutions designed to adhere abrasive grains onto a backing material, such as sandpaper, grinding discs, or cutting wheels.

Adhesive products

1C polyurethane adhesives

High temperature and moisture resistance

EVA hotmelts

Very high strength
High thermal stability

Pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA)

Very high initial stack

Folco React HP

reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesives with silane-modified acrylates

PO hotmelts

High initial strengths allow fast processing times

Reactive hotmelt adhesives

Broad adhesion spectrum for a wide range of substrates


the areas of application for our plastisols are diverse


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